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February 29, 2024

Search within Shopify Collection: Secret Weapon for Happy Customers and Booming Sales

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Tamilselvi Ramasamy
Associate Growth Manager
Search Within Shopify Collection, search within collections

Ever felt lost navigating a vast collection of products on a Shopify store? Imagine the frustration of customers searching for that perfect item within a seemingly endless scroll. Fear not, shop owners! The magical tool of "Search within Collection" is here to save the day, and this blog is your guide to unlocking its potential.

This feature not only streamlines the customer journey but also boosts overall satisfaction. In the coming sections, we'll delve into the wonders of this built-in default Shopify feature.

Search within Shopify collection

What is search within Shopify collections?

The Shopify search within collection feature facilitates shoppers in quickly locating specific items within a designated set of collection pages.

Ever wandered through a giant store packed with cool stuff, wishing you could just find what you need fast? That's how shoppers feel on your Shopify store with tons of products in collections. They get lost, frustrated, and might leave empty-handed.

But fear not! Search within collections is like a secret search bar inside each collection, helping shoppers instantly find what they want. They type in keywords, and poof! Only the stuff they like appears, saving them time and making you more sales. It works like filters but are personalized filters.

Think of it like a treasure map leading customers straight to the hidden gems in your collections. Pretty cool, right? In the next parts, we'll show you how to turn on this search magic and make your store shine.

How to enable Search within Shopify collections

Enabling the "Search within Shopify Collection" feature is a simple yet impactful process. The process to enable search within Shopify collection settings is very straightforward.

  1. Login to your Shopify admin.
  2. Navigate to "Online store" and then click on "Navigation".
  3. In the Navigation page, click on collections link.
  4. On the search by collection page, click on enable search by collection.
  5. Save the changes.

By following these simple steps, customers will be able to find items more easily on your Shopify online store. This process doesn't require intricate knowledge of theme code or technical expertise.

What wonders Search within Shopify collections can do?

Ready to unlock this powerful tool and transform your collections into searchable havens? Below are the 6 main wonders search within Shopify collections can do for your online store.

  1. Customers find the products faster.
  2. No irrelevant search results.
  3. Targeted browsing.
  4. Enhance your business and brand.
  5. Reduce product returns.
  6. Tailor your marketing.

Let's dive deep into them.

1. Customers find the products faster

As we already said that it is very frustrating for a customer to search for the perfect stock item by doing endless scrolling.

A Shopify search results page within collections proves incredibly beneficial for shoppers. By leveraging powerful search parameters, users can pinpoint the specific item they're looking for based on attributes like color, size, style, brand, and more. It helps the customers to find the desired product faster.

Think of it as avoiding the digital equivalent of searching through an entire store to find the perfect pair of shoes. Instead, with collection search, it's like having a helpful guide that directs you straight to the exact product variants you desire, saving you time and effort.

2. No irrelevant search results

The standard Shopify search results might not always hit the mark for your customers. When searching for a particular product, for example, they could end up with a plethora of product pages only loosely connected to what they were looking for. That's what we call irrelevant search results and those results can end up in increasing customer churn.

Introducing a Shopify search bar within collections can enhance their experience by delivering more precise and relevant results. Forget the endless scroll! Customers simply type a keyword and boom! Only relevant products and price, matching their desires appear, saving them precious time and energy.

This feature takes into consideration factors such as alternative phrasings and natural language search nuances, ensuring that the outcomes you display are finely tuned to match your customers' specific search queries.

3. Targeted browsing

Imagine filtering the library by genre, title, author, or publication date or any specific collection. Search refines product selection in the same way, allowing customers to filter by color, size, brand, or any other attribute. It's like having a personalized shopping assistant helping them find the exact treasure they seek.

Customers simply type in keywords like "blue sneakers" or select "eco-friendly homeware." Instantly, the vast marketplace transforms, showcasing only stalls relevant to their search. Targeted browsing not only increases customer satisfaction but also boosts your business.

4. Enhance your business and brand

A study by BigCommerce shows that online store with the feature of "Search within collections" and well-defined collection template see a 20-30% boost in conversions. Just like a well-organized library encourages reading, search empowers customers to buy, leading to more sales and revenue for your store. It's the difference between empty shelves and happy, paying customers.

5. Reduced product returns

Mismatched expectations often lead to returns. Imagine customers confidently buying the right product due to accurate search results and clear filtering options. It's like providing detailed book descriptions, minimizing the chances of readers being disappointed with their choices. It will reduce the return rate and ultimately benefit the business.

6. Tailor your marketing

A robust Shopify collection search tool has the capability to collect valuable data on customer searches and interactions within your pages. Utilizing this data enables you to generate analytics reports, providing insights into product popularity.

This information empowers you to customize your marketing strategy based on customer behavior and preferences.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, integrating the "Search within Shopify Collection" feature transforms your online store into a customer-friendly haven, ensuring happy customers and a boost in sales. By simplifying the navigation process, reducing frustration, and enabling personalized searches, this tool becomes your secret weapon for success.

Enabling the feature is a breeze, requiring no intricate knowledge or technical expertise. Just follow the straightforward steps outlined in this guide, and your customers will be able to find items more easily on your Shopify online store.

The wonders this feature brings to your business are profound. From helping customer find products faster and eliminating irrelevant links from search results to enabling targeted browsing, reducing product returns, and enhancing your brand, the impact is significant.

Moreover, the ability to tailor your marketing strategy based on valuable customer data collected through the search tool adds an extra layer of customization to your business approach.

In essence, with "Search within Shopify Collection," you not only enhance the shopping experience for your customers but also pave the way for a thriving and successful online store. Embrace this tool, unlock its potential, and watch your business flourish. Happy selling!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is "Search within Shopify Collection," and how does it benefit my online store?

"Search within Shopify Collection" is a built-in feature that allows customers to quickly locate specific items within designated collection pages. The benefits include streamlined navigation, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased sales by providing a personalized and efficient search experience.

2. How does "Search within Shopify Collection" differ from standard Shopify search results?

While standard search results might yield irrelevant pages, "Search within Shopify Collection" delivers more precise and relevant outcomes. This feature considers alternative phrasings of titles and natural language nuances, ensuring that customer find what they're looking for without endless scrolling.

3. Can customers filter their searches using "Search within Shopify Collection"?

Absolutely! This feature offers powerful search parameters that allow customers to filter by attributes such as color, size, style product type, brand, and more. It's like having a personalized shopping assistant that directs customers straight to the exact product variants they desire.

4. Will enabling this feature reduce the chances of customers leaving empty-handed due to frustration?

Yes, indeed! "Search within Shopify Collection" acts as a secret search bar inside each collection, instantly helping shoppers find what they want. By avoiding the frustration of endless scrolling, customers are more likely to stay on your site, saving time and increasing the chances of making a purchase.

5. Can I customize my marketing strategy based on data collected through this feature?

Absolutely! The tool has the capability to collect valuable data on customer searches and interactions. This data enables you to generate analytics reports, providing insights into product popularity. You can then tailor your marketing strategy based on customer behavior and preferences, enhancing your overall business approach.

6. Do I need to update my theme code if I already have Search within Collections enabled?

In most cases, no. The basic functionality of search within collections should work without any modifications. However, if you're experiencing issues with search results, styling, or functionality, or if you want to customize the search experience further, then consulting your theme documentation or a developer might be helpful.

7. Can I track the performance of "Search within Shopify Collection" to measure its impact on my store?

Yes, Shopify provides analytics tools that allow you to track the performance of the search feature. You can monitor search queries, popular products, and user interactions. Utilizing this data helps you assess the effectiveness of the feature and make informed decisions to continually optimize your online store for better results.

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