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How do I install AI Search and Product Filter?
How does it help customers find products?
How can it help increase sales for my store?
Does the app work with all Shopify themes?
Does it integrate with other Shopify apps or tools?
Does the app support multiple languages?
Does AI Search and Product Filter offer support or assistance with setup and configuration?
Can I customize the filters and search results offered by the app?
Can I view analytics and reports on customer search behaviour?
Can I customize the appearance of the product cards?
Does it support search suggestions or autocomplete?
Can I customize the order and arrangement of the products?
Does the app allow me to 'pin' certain products in the search results?
Can I hide 'out-of-stock' products from the search results?
Can you add filters to the collection page?
What is indexing and how often do my products get indexed?
How many products can be displayed in one shot?
I have another search app on my site but I wanna use an app as well. How do I do it?

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