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Solving the Discovery Dilemma in Search

First off thanks for considering Zevi. I'm Shyam and I used to lead Myntra's (A Walmart company) Search and Storefront and my co-founder Anshul who worked with Microsoft on a lot of AI and NLP projects. Below is why we went on to Found Zevi and what we aim to achieve through it.
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The Discovery problem:

A churn of 98% - yes 98% of the users churn once they land on an E-commerce store and we felt this needs to be challenged especially when the user has shown some intent towards what the brand has. This problem set us off on a journey and understand from a consumer lense on why they were dropping off and the problem that stood out was that they were unable to discover what they wanted within the website or if they needed more information that was hard to come by. This was a problem for brands too where millions of dollars are being spent to get people on the platform only for them to churn. Most of this also pointed towards technology that was powering these sites being outdated and not keeping in sync with the customers expectations.

The Solution:

Given both of us had very relevant experience in this space we felt the solution can be completely different from what was available in the market today. A non-linear way to engage with customers and give them what they want in as minimal time as possible. Zevi's Neural search and ChatScout were born with this very purpose in mind. Our amazing team has built these solutions ground up using first principles intact and have used the most sophisticated AI models to ensure we deliver the best available experience available to the end users. We've tried to model both these solutions after a human who can truly understand what the customer is looking for and save a lot of their work in discovering things, be it products, discounts, recommendations etc. We are fortunate to have a lot of leading brands trust us early in our journey and we take pride in the fact that we have delivered value to them.

We hope you consider us as partners when you select your discovery solution and rest assured we will be there to meet your expectations.
Shyam Nallasenapathy

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