The Best Ecommerce Site Search Software in 2024

E-commerce site search solutions for your online stores

Your complete guide to the best ecommerce site search software

E-commerce site search solutions are specialized tools designed to improve the functionality of an e-commerce website search. They enable customers to quickly find the products they're looking for, through advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques.

Let Zevi be your guide in helping you understand the ins and outs of comprehensive site search solutions.

What is an ecommerce site search software?

Who can use ecommerce site search solutions?

How can ecommerce site search tools help online D2C stores?

What are the different types of ecommerce site searches?

Transactional searches

Users engage in transactional searches when they have a specific intent to purchase. This type of search is characterised by queries for product names, categories, or even specific SKUs, indicating the user's readiness to buy.

Navigational searches

These searches occur when a user is looking for a particular page or section within an ecommerce site. Typically, they already have a destination in mind, like a brand's homepage or a specific product page

Informational searches

When users seek answers or more information about products, informational searches come into play. These queries often revolve around product details, reviews, or comparisons, helping users make informed decisions before purchasing.

How to choose the right ecommerce site search tool?

Essential features of a great ecommerce search tool


Ensure the search tool delivers accurate results matching user queries, leveraging advanced algorithms to understand and predict customer needs


Fast-loading search results are crucial. Users expect immediate responses to their queries, significantly impacting user satisfaction and conversion rates.

Reliability and Scalability

The search solution must handle peak traffic effortlessly, scaling to meet demand without compromising performance.

Product Re-Ranking

Optimises search results by dynamically re-ranking products based on factors like revenue and recent orders, ensuring visibility for popular items in line with current market trends.


Detailed insights into search behaviour help in optimising the site search experience, revealing patterns that can guide website improvements and marketing strategies

Product and Collection Filters

Enable users to narrow down results with product filters and collection filters, improving the search experience and helping shoppers find what they're looking for more efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Natural Language Processing (NLP)

AI-driven recommendations enhance the shopping experience by showing relevant products based on user behaviour and preferences. Natural Language Processing allows the search tool to understand and process user queries to make the search experience more intuitive.

Null Results Resolution

Techniques to handle searches that would otherwise return no results, ensuring users always receive helpful suggestions or alternatives.

Synonym Detection and Misspelling Correction

Helps users find what they're looking for, even with typos or alternative terms, improving the search experience.


Suggests search terms as the user types, speeding up the search process and reducing errors.

Faceted Navigation and Range Filtering

Offers users the ability to filter search results by various attributes, such as price, colour, or size, making it easier to browse and find products.

Platform & Website Integration

Seamless integration with your ecommerce platform ensures that search capabilities complement your site's overall functionality and design.

Questions to ask on a demo about the software and company

  1. Can you demonstrate how the site search handles complex queries?

    Understand the software's capability to interpret and accurately respond to varied search intents, including long-tail queries and natural language inputs. This insight is crucial for catering to a diverse user base.

  2. How does the site search software integrate with our existing e-commerce platform?

    Compatibility with platforms like Magento, Shopify, or custom setups ensures seamless operation. Clarify the integration process to gauge the effort and resources needed.

  3. What analytics and metrics does the site search provide?

    Site search analytics are essential for optimizing your website. Ask for examples of metrics tracked, such as search query reports, click-through rates, and conversion analytics, to understand customer search behavior better.

  4. How customizable is the search experience?

    Explore the software's flexibility in tailoring search results, filters, and recommendations to match your e-commerce site's unique needs and enhance site search usability.

  5. What support and training resources are available?

    Effective implementation and ongoing optimization require robust support. Inquire about the training materials, customer service availability, and any community forums or resources.

  6. How does the software use AI and machine learning for site search?

    AI capabilities, such as personalized search suggestions and intelligent autocomplete, can significantly enhance the user experience. Understanding these features reveals the software's potential to adapt and improve over time.

  7. What is the pricing structure?

    Ensure transparency in costs, including any setup fees, monthly or annual subscriptions, and charges based on queries or page views. This information helps in budgeting and comparing with other e-commerce site search solutions.

  8. Can you share success stories or case studies?

    Real-world examples provide insights into the software's effectiveness and the company's experience in your industry or with similar e-commerce businesses.

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The best e-commerce site search solutions of 2024

Key features :

Smart Search Suggestions : Zevi's custom search engine continuously learns from search query patterns, ensuring up-to-date, relevant suggestions that lead to precise customer requirements.

AI-Powered Spell Check and Synonyms :  It corrects misspelled terms across languages and resolves inaccuracies without needing manual synonym layers, thanks to its neural-architecture search AI.

Context-Sensitive Search : Zevi's NLP engine matches search queries with the right items in your database effortlessly, eliminating the need for manual tagging and allowing your team to focus on core business aspects.

Multi-Language and Vernacular Support : Zevi supports multiple languages and dialects, even within a single-language catalog, allowing for searches in combinations like Hinglish
(Hindi+English) and Spanglish (Spanish+English).

Product Re-Ranking : Evaluates product performance by analyzing both revenue and the number of orders over a predefined period. This ranking system ensures that high performing products receive heightened visibility in search results.

Pricing :

Site search tools cost is generally on a tier-based pricing. And, Zevi's neural search model also accommodates various business sizes and needs.

Starter plan

  • Price: $16 per month
  • Includes 500 searches and supports up to 1,000 products
  • Features: Semantic Search, Automated suggestions, Multi-language support, Filters and collection support, Basic merchandising support
  • Offers a free trial for 14 days with unlimited products and searches

Why customers rave about Zevi?


Algolia offers a robust and developer-friendly platform with broad search capabilities, including a comprehensive API across all devices.

Key features :

Comprehensive APIs

Developer-friendly tools

Highlighted content for improved user satisfaction


  • Predictive and intuitive search interactions
  • Extensive documentation and support
  • Free plan available


  • May require developer resources to fully utilise advanced features
  • No standard pricing, billed based on usage documentation and support


Tailored for large retail enterprises, Yext delivers precise answers to shopper queries using AI-driven search.

Key features :

Fine-tuning for specific search queries

Search analytics for actionable insights

Smooth search refinement capabilities


  • Capable of answering complex customer questions
  • Integrates semantic text search for understanding user intent


  • Extensive tutorials may be time-consuming for new users
  • Operates on custom pricing models.

Ideal for beginners, is powered by machine learning for instant, effective search results.

Key features :

Concepts approach with neural search technology

Instant setup and indexing

Continuously improving search experience


  • No need for manual search rule setup
  • Fast results from the search engine


    • Potential future changes due to acquisition by Algolia
    • Pricing begins with a free plan, escalating to $23/month for the Starter plan.


    A tool designed to enhance product discovery with relevant, personalised on-site search results, ensuring the right products are displayed to the right shoppers.

    Key features :

    Semantic Search




    • Enhances shopping experiences with powerful on-site search
    • Improves product discovery and relevancy


    • Specific pricing details require direct inquiry

    Luigi’s Box

    User-friendly with natural language processing and machine learning, ideal for ecommerce search results.

    Key features :

    Natural language processing and machine learning for accurate results

    Multi-language support and typo correction

    Integration with popular platforms like Shopify and WordPress


    • User-friendly, requiring no coding for setup
    • Offers typo and synonym suggestions for better search relevance


    • Custom quote required, which might not be preferable for those looking for upfront pricing.


    Integrates widely with machine learning for relevant content discovery, tailored for a broad range of ecommerce platforms.

    Key features :

    Integrates with a wide range of programs and platforms

    Utilises machine learning for content relevance

    Broad connectivity across content sources


    • Provides access to all information and products effortlessly
    • Adapts search results based on user patterns


    • Requires contacting for pricing, which may delay budget planning.


    An AI-powered search solution tailored for ecommerce websites, known for delivering personalised search experiences to enhance online shopping.

    Key features :

    Integration with ecommerce platforms

    Autocomplete and search personalization

    Analytics dashboard for insights into search behaviour


    • Enhances user experience with accurate, fast search results
    • Supports sales and conversion rate optimization
    • Provides actionable insights for continuous improvement


    • Pricing may be higher than simpler search solutions, reflecting its advanced capabilities
    • Setup and customization might require some technical resources for optimization


    Provides a search solution for ecommerce platforms, enhancing user experience with instant search results and personalised product recommendations.

    Key features :

    Instant search results with auto-complete and correction suggestions

    Integration with popular ecommerce platforms

    Multi-language support for global ecommerce operations


    • Improves site navigation and customer experience with fast, accurate search results
    • Provides insights into customer search behaviour for informed decision-making
    • Supports a wide range of ecommerce platforms for easy setup and integration


    • May require some configuration to optimise search settings and recommendations
    • The cost could be a consideration for small to medium-sized enterprises depending on the pricing plan


    A generative AI-powered search platform designed for developers to simplify the incorporation of complex search and conversational AI capabilities.

    Key features :

    Text extraction from PDF and Office documents

    Zero-shot model encoding for language understanding

    Advanced indexing and retrieval using neural network models

    Re-ranking for increased precision


    • Supports multiple document formats for comprehensive search
    • API-first approach ensures flexibility for developers
    • Real-time index updating enhances search accuracy


    • The advanced features may require a learning curve for new users

    Boost Commerce

    A search and filtering solution designed to enhance ecommerce stores by improving product discoverability and user experience.

    Key features :

    Identifies and extracts specific and named entities

    AI synonym detection

    Semantic search


    • Handles complex search terms
    • Offers search and product recommendations


    • Complex integration

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    Best practices for implementing ecommerce site search tools

    In the digital era, where convenience and speed are paramount, ecommerce site search tools stand as pivotal elements for online stores seeking to enhance customer experience.

    1. Select Compatibility

      Choose an ecommerce site search tool that integrates seamlessly with your platform, like Magento or Shopify, ensuring smooth functionality.

    2. Customise Features

      Tailor your site search to meet the unique needs of your ecommerce site. Adjust algorithms, prioritise products, and consider using AI for predictive search capabilities.

    3. Enhance Usability

      Make the search bar easily accessible on every page, offering instant suggestions to improve the user experience (UX). Implement filters and advanced search to help users find what they need efficiently.

    4. Analyse Search Data

      Utilize site search analytics to gain insights into customer search behavior, popular queries, and product trends. This information can inform inventory decisions, content updates, and site optimization strategies.

    5. Stay Updated

      Keep abreast of the latest in site search best practices, including the adoption of voice search and AI-powered suggestions, to ensure your ecommerce platform remains competitive and aligns with customer expectations.

    1. Implement Auto-Complete Suggestions:

      Enhance user experience by providing auto-complete suggestions as they type, guiding them towards relevant products and reducing spelling errors.

    2. Use Filters and Faceted Search:

      Allow customers to refine their search results through various filters like size, colour, brand, and price. This makes it easier for them to find the perfect product.

    3. Optimise for Mobile:

      Ensure your site search is mobile-friendly, as a significant portion of users shop on their smartphones. A responsive design and easy-to-use search bar are crucial.

    4. Leverage AI for Personalised Results:

      AI-powered site search can analyse user behaviour and preferences to deliver personalised search results, improving the chances of a sale.

    5. Include Synonyms and Misspellings:

      Account for common misspellings and synonyms in your search algorithm to ensure users find what they're looking for, even if they don't use the exact terminology.

    6. Showcase Top Results and Products:

      Highlight popular products and top search results to direct users towards high-converting items and bestsellers

    7. Offer Visual Search Capabilities:

      Allow users to search using images, catering to the growing trend of visual search and enhancing the overall search experience.

    8. Analyse Site Search Data:

      Regularly review your site search analytics to understand what users are looking for and adjust your inventory or SEO strategy accordingly.

    9. Improve Search Speed:

      Users expect quick results. Optimise your site's search speed to deliver results fast, keeping potential customers engaged.

    10. Provide Helpful No-Results Pages:

      Instead of a dead end, use no-results pages as an opportunity to suggest alternative products or invite users to contact customer service for assistance.

    Examples and use cases for ecommerce site search tools

    Boosting Online Sales through Improved Search Functionality

    Care and Cure leveraged Zevi's advanced site search to enhance product discoverability, resulting in a 23% increase in online sales. The integration allowed for more accurate and relevant search results, directly translating to higher conversion rates.

    Elevating Sales Conversions with AI-NLP Powered Site Search

    A Toddler Thing observed a 30% increase in sales conversions after employing Zevi’s AI-NLP powered site search. This tool improved the shopping experience by understanding and processing natural language queries, making it easier for customers to find the right products for their toddlers.

    A toddler Thing

    Increasing Average Order Value (AOV) through Advanced Site Search

    The Ayurveda Experience saw a 28% boost in AOV by utilising Zevi's site search capabilities. The technology ensured that customers could find and add more relevant products to their carts, enhancing the overall purchase value.

    Improving Conversion Rates with Optimised Site Search

    Anveshan Farm witnessed a 19% increase in conversion rates by leveraging Zevi's site search technology. The tool's ability to offer precise and contextually relevant search results played a crucial role in converting visitors into customers.

    Maximising Conversion Rates from Search Users

    Wellbeing Nutrition achieved 4X more conversion from search users compared to non-search users by integrating Zevi's site search solutions. This significant difference highlighted the effectiveness of having a robust search function in guiding potential buyers towards making a purchase.

    & Many more ...

    Frequently asked questions

    When exploring the best ecommerce site search software for 2024, several questions naturally arise. Here, we address the top concerns, ensuring clarity and helping you make an informed decision. Our focus is on simplicity, relevance, and enhancing your site search usability and effectiveness.

    What defines the best ecommerce site search software?

    The best software excels in delivering relevant search results, improving site search usability, and offering comprehensive analytics for ongoing optimization.

    How can site search data optimise my website?

    Analysing site search data helps understand visitor intent, refine search functionality, and tailor content to improve user engagement and conversion rates.

    What features should I look for in ecommerce site search tools?

    Key features include accurate search results, AI-powered search suggestions, customizable filters, and analytics for detailed site search analysis.

    Why is AI important in ecommerce site search solutions?

    AI enhances search relevance, understands natural language queries, and provides personalised suggestions, improving the overall shopping experience.

    How do internal site search best practices boost ecommerce success?

    Implementing best practices such as clear search bars, relevant results, and easy navigation enhances usability, leading to better customer satisfaction and sales.

    What role does site search analytics play in ecommerce?

    Analytics provide insights into search queries and user behaviour, guiding improvements in site search functionality and content optimization.

    Can custom site search improve my ecommerce platform?

    Yes, customising search allows for tailored experiences, meeting specific business needs and customer preferences, thus enhancing engagement and conversions.

    How does an ecommerce site search engine affect user experience (UX)?

    Effective site search simplifies product discovery, reduces friction, and enhances the overall user journey, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

    What are the benefits of integrating advanced site search features into my ecommerce site?

    Advanced features like auto-complete, filters, and AI suggestions improve search efficiency, helping users find desired products faster and more accurately.

    How do I choose the right ecommerce site search provider for my business?

    Consider factors like compatibility with your ecommerce platform, scalability, feature set, support for analytics, and customer reviews to find a solution that meets your specific needs.

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