Search term


A search term, also known as a keyword or query, refers to the word or phrase that a user types into a search engine in order to find information on a particular topic. Search terms are used by search engines to match user queries with relevant web pages.


The significance of search terms lies in their ability to help users find information quickly and efficiently. By typing a specific search term into a search engine, users can quickly access a wealth of information on a particular topic.

Use Cases

Some use cases of search terms include:Information Retrieval: Search terms are primarily used for information retrieval purposes, allowing users to find information on a wide range of topics from various sources on the internet.Digital Marketing: Search terms are also important for digital marketing, as they enable businesses to target specific keywords and phrases in their advertising campaigns in order to reach their target audience.Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search terms are crucial for SEO, as they help website owners optimize their content to better match the search terms that users are using to find information.