Federated search


Federated search is a search technology that allows users to simultaneously search multiple, distinct information sources or databases through a single search interface. It involves the integration of search results from multiple sources into a single set of results that is presented to the user.


The significance of federated search is that it saves time and effort for users by allowing them to search multiple sources with a single query, rather than having to search each source individually. This can be particularly useful when searching for information across a large number of sources, such as in academic research, government agencies, and corporate intranets.

Use Cases

Some use cases for federated search include:Library catalogs: Federated search is commonly used in library catalogs to allow users to search for books, articles, and other resources across multiple library systems, publishers, and databases.Academic research: Federated search is also used in academic research to allow users to search multiple databases for scholarly articles and publications.Government agencies: Federated search is used by government agencies to allow users to search for information across multiple agency databases and portals.

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