Faceted search


Faceted search, also known as faceted navigation or guided navigation, is a search technique that uses faceted metadata to help users refine and filter their search results. Faceted search organizes information into categories or facets, such as price, size, color, brand, and other attributes, and allows users to narrow down their search results by selecting one or more facets.


The significance of faceted search is that it provides a more intuitive and user-friendly search experience by allowing users to filter their search results in a way that makes sense to them. Faceted search can also help users discover new information and relationships between data points that they may not have considered before.

Use Cases

An example of a successful use of faceted search is Airbnb's filtering system. Airbnb's filtering system provides a wide range of facets that allow users to narrow down their search results by price, location, property type, amenities, and other attributes. By using faceted search, Airbnb provides a more user-friendly search experience, making it easier for customers to find the properties they are looking for and increasing the likelihood of conversion. Some use cases for faceted search include E-commerce websites, library catalogs and job search engines.

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