Exact match


Exact match is a type of keyword match type used in search engine advertising where the ad is triggered to appear only when a user types in the exact same keyword or phrase that the advertiser has specified. This means that the search query and the keyword must match exactly, including any variations in word order, punctuation, or spelling.


The significance of exact match is that it allows advertisers to have more control over their ad targeting and budget, as they can ensure that their ads are only shown to users who are searching for specific keywords that are highly relevant to their products or services. This can result in higher click-through rates (CTR), better conversion rates, and lower cost per click (CPC) compared to other match types.

Use Cases

Some use cases for exact match include:Brand keywords: Advertisers can bid on their brand name as an exact match keyword to ensure that their ads are shown to users who are specifically searching for their brand.Niche keywords: Advertisers can target long-tail or niche keywords as exact match keywords to reach a highly specific audience that is more likely to convert. For example, "handmade leather bags" or "artisanal leather bags".Product-specific keywords: Advertisers can bid on exact match keywords for specific products or services that they offer, such as "red high-heeled shoes" or "hair color for brunettes".

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