Conversational search


Conversational search refers to the use of natural language queries in search engines and other online platforms. Rather than typing in specific keywords or phrases, users can ask questions or make requests in a more conversational way, using language that is more similar to how they would communicate with another person.


The significance of conversational search lies in its ability to provide more accurate and relevant results to users, while also improving the overall user experience. By enabling users to ask questions and make requests in a more natural way, conversational search can help to reduce the frustration and confusion that can often arise when using traditional search methods.

Use Cases

One use case of conversational search is in chatbots. Chatbots can be used on websites, messaging platforms, and other online platforms to provide assistance and support to users. By using natural language queries, chatbots can help users find information, make purchases, or resolve issues more quickly and efficiently, improving the overall user experience and reducing the workload on customer support teams. Some use cases of conversational search include virtual assistants and voice-activated devices.

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