The Ayurveda Experience boosts their AOV by 28% using advanced site search

Learn how this Ayurveda company tailored its online store’s site search to enhance the overall shopping experience for their customers and increase their average order value.

The Ayurveda Experience is an ayurveda experience brand that brings the best of ancient ayurveda and modern science, together tested for stability and performance. They were seeking a site search solution that could help them drive more sales by increasing their AOV, and overcome the challenge of users dropping off, without finding appropriate products suited to their individual needs.

The Challenge of Drop offs

The Ayurveda Experience is a one stop Ayurveda platform with multiple brands under their umbrella ranging from skincare and wellness to food, beverages and supplements. The Ayurveda Experience noticed that a huge chunk of their visitors exited the website without making any purchase. They would browse and search for products but left before even adding anything to the cart.
The Ayurveda Experience understood that visitors often searched for their concerns (acne) or solutions (luscious hair) or product category (snacks), and were dissatisfied with the search results. The Ayurveda Experience wanted the users to find relevant products to convert the queries into sales and in turn increase their EPV (Earnings Per Visitor).

Enter Zevi

The Ayurveda Experience looked to Zevi to solve their search problem. In the initial discussions, the main issue was that of irrelevant products when searching for issues or solutions. There was also the issue of spelling mistakes; a lot of their products don't have English names - Balaayah, Yauvari etc. So customers misspelling the product in search was a common occurrence, even returning customers who have already purchased the products earlier.

During the rollout, the entire catalog of products from different brands on platform was indexed, and a dashboard was provided to to review search data on user queries and product clicks to understand their customer intent better. The search improved by leaps and bounds. For example, if you search for ‘luscious hair’, it now shows :


Breaking it down into different customer audiences, by working on their store’s site search, was able to impact both potential as well as existing customers’ user journeys through their website.

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