Care and Cure boosts their online sales by 23% using Zevi’s advanced site search

Learn how this health and wellness brand tailored its store’s site search to enhance the shopping experience for its customers and increase its overall sales sitewide.

Care n Cure Pharmacy is among the largest health and wellness brands in Qatar that brings together a wide range of products right from essential medicines, to beauty and personal care, healthcare devices and even healthy foods suit their customers’ daily needs. They were seeking a site search solution that could help them drive more sales and bring to their customers relevant products on their search results page. 

The Technicalities in Pharmacy

One common challenge that Care n Cure faced across the brands that they host on their website is that of specific terms being used for their products. Customers are obviously unlikely to be aware of and well-versed with these terms, and so, finding their ideal healthcare solutions was proving to be a task, resulting in overall lower cart values, based on whatever products they were able to find. 

As is with most healthcare brands, with Care n Cure too, customers often searched for their concerns such as toothache or yellow teeth and were often presented with subpar search results as these terms weren’t accounted for in their product catalogue. Care n Cure wanted the users to find relevant products to be able to drive sales from their search results.

Enter Zevi

In addition to the issue of technical and specific terms, there was also the issue of spelling mistakes and typos, and so, customers misspelling the product in the search was a common occurrence.

During the rollout, Zevi reorganised its product catalogue, and enhanced the product recommendations on the search results page, bringing them the results they wanted. If you search for ‘tooth ache’, it now shows products relevant to toothaches for adults and children alike. 

The search is also now smart enough to be able to filter out niche products from within product categories. For instance, when we search for ‘viagra’, which also happens to be the most searched term on their website, the search crops up all possible solutions including various tablets and sprays that do the same job, while the product suggestions to the left show other sexual wellness essentials, that can be used alongside these products.


Care n Cure was able to drive 23% more sales just by enhancing their site search and product recommendations. Zevi is working together with the team to constantly improve on their existing site performance and increase order values and overall cart purchases. 

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