A Toddler Thing sees a 30% increase in sales conversions using Zevi’s AI-NLP powered site search

Learn how this baby care store tailored its online store’s site search to enhance the overall shopping experience for their customers and saw a jump in their overall conversion rates.

A Toddler Thing is a baby care brand focused on delivering the best of diapers, apparel and everything related to toddlerhood, to new parents for their babies. They were seeking a site search solution that could help them drive more sales and increase the overall conversion rate for their online store.

The Challenge of Low Sales

A toddler thing houses a wide range of baby products, right from diapers and apparel, to accessories such as swaddles, dohars, and bibs. While the website managed to catch the eyeballs of new parents, and also received decent traffic, the brand noticed that the conversion rates weren’t adding up to this traffic.
A Toddler Thing found that new parents were unable to identify relevant ‘baby accessories’ to give their toddlers the best possible comfort. New parents are generally unfamiliar with terms such as swaddles, and bibs, and would probably use search terms such as towels, napkins, or baby wipes. A Toddler Thing wanted to address this concern, and find a solution wherein their customers could easily find relevant products for their babies’ needs, without the worry of figuring out the exact terms of the products. The brand, in addition to this, also wanted to be able to drive more sales for their targeted products.

Zevi’s solution

In the initial discussions, the main issues highlighted by A Toddler Thing were those of irrelevant results when searching for product categories and the need to be able to rank their products based on their business needs. They also wanted to solve for typos using NLP search since some of their products such as thottil, jhula and dohar have very specific, stylized names that most users would not be well-versed with. The entire catalog was ranked according to their business needs, and Zevi’s search plugin was installed to enhance product recommendations and the search results page as a whole. Through the process, A Toddler Thing was also able to gain further insights on user journeys through their site, and various search queries that helped them understand their customers’ search intent better. With these renewed insights, and updated site search, A Toddler Thing was able to drastically transform their customer’s search experience on their store. For instance, if we search for ‘baby accessories’, it now shows products that are relevant to the ‘Accessories’ category:

It understands the search term in context to a particular product category, and returns relevant suggestions for accessories that ensure a cozy and comfortable experience for your toddlers. The brand now also showcases their best sellers and gives suggestions in the search bar itself, whenever the user starts typing in a search query.

This way, the users get relevant search results, and the brand is also able to market and push their targeted products based on their revised product rankings. A win-win for both sides!


By integrating Zevi into their store and working on their site search, A Toddler Thing was Zevi able to impact their customers’ user journeys and search experience through their website.

The brand saw an overall increase in conversion rates by 30%, and for each individual order, they recorded a massive increase in their average order values at 25%.

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