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Wellbeing Nutrition Achieves a 4X more conversion from search users than non-search users

Wellbeing Nutrition is a leading wellness brand committed to providing natural health products that promote overall well-being and vitality. Their product range includes plant-based protein powders, oral thin strips, dietary fibre, and collagen supplements. Wellbeing Nutrition faced a challenge with low average order values and wanted to enhance the overall shopping experience for their customers while boosting sales conversions.


The Challenge of Low Average Order Values (AOV)

Wellbeing Nutrition's website witnessed steady traffic, indicating strong interest in its products. However, they noticed that their average order values were not matching the expected potential. Customers were dropping off even before making the purchase. Many struggled to find exactly what they were looking for, while others noticed irrelevant results for their search query.  Terms like "collagen" or "plant-based protein powders" were frequently replaced with generic search queries like "supplements" or "protein shakes" by customers, which gave no results.  

Wellbeing Nutrition aimed to address these issues by optimizing its site search functionality to provide better product suggestions and accurate search results. They wanted to ensure that customers could easily find the right products, even if they were unfamiliar with specific terminology. 

Zevi’s solution

Wellbeing Nutrition emphasized its desire for enhanced product discovery and accurate search results. They wanted Zevi to address typos and understand context, particularly for products with unique names or niche descriptions. With Zevi's integration, Wellbeing Nutrition's site search helped to provide meaningful insights into user journeys and search queries. 

The plugin effectively learned from customer interactions and adapted to better understand customer intent and preferences. It understood the context of search terms like “protein shakes”, “dull skin” and “body ache” and gave back relevant results.

With Zevi’s product ranking feature, the catalogue was restructured to align with business priorities, ensuring that best-selling products and key offerings received the visibility they deserved. This impacted their overall sales positively and boosted their Average order value. 

Before Zevi
After Zevi
Before Zevi
After Zevi


With Zevi's site search solution in place, Wellbeing Nutrition witnessed a significant transformation in their customers' search experience on their website.

+56% Increase in Average Order Value:
By presenting relevant product results and strategically ranking key offerings, Wellbeing Nutrition experienced an impressive 56% increase in its average order value.

+300% More Search Conversion than non-search conversion:
Zevi's search had a remarkable impact on conversions. Search users converted 300% more than those who did not use search. Customers could find precisely what they were looking for, leading to more substantial and purposeful purchases.

+16% Conversion rate for search users:
Wellbeing Nutrition's search conversion rate stood at 16% compared to the industry average of 4% following the adoption of Zevi, showing the true nature of NLP and why it’s a must in every search tech available. The optimised search experience eliminated barriers to purchase, encouraging visitors to become satisfied customers.


With Zevi's search, Wellbeing Nutrition has solidified its position as a wellness brand that not only offers exceptional natural health products but also ensures customers can easily find and purchase the best solutions for their individual well-being journeys. Zevi continues to contribute to Wellbeing Nutrition's success in the competitive wellness market.