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Anveshan Farm revamped its website's site search functionality to achieve a remarkable 19% increase in overall conversion rates.

Anveshan Farm, an online brand dedicated to offering natural and healthy food products, sought to elevate its online shopping experience and boost overall conversion rates for its customers. With a diverse range of products, including ghee, honey, cooking oils, and other items sourced directly from farmers, Anveshan Farm noticed a hindrance in helping customers easily discover their high-quality products on their website.


The Challenge of Customer Drop-off and Reduced Conversion Rates

While Anveshan Farm's commitment to quality and sustainability was unwavering, they found the issue of relatively reduced conversion rates even with substantial website traffic. The customers were unable to find the specific products they desired and the brand was also making incessant efforts to promote their best sellers and new launches.

The brand recognised the need to elevate its site search functionality to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience. They aimed to address the challenge of users finding relevant products with different search terms, guiding customers to their specialised products, and ultimately increasing sales.

Zevi’s solution

To address the challenges of customer drop-off and reduced conversion rates, Anveshan Farm turned to Zevi for assistance. In collaboration with Zevi, Anveshan Farm further identified several key issues to address. These included irrelevant search results and the necessity to rank products strategically according to the brand's business goals.

Zevi's AI-NLP-powered search solution was implemented to enhance product recommendations and improve the overall search results page. During this process, Anveshan Farm gained valuable insights into user behaviour and search queries, allowing them to understand their customers' intent better.

The updated site search drastically improved the customer experience:

Contextual Understanding: When customers search for terms like “Low cholestrol oil” or “flavored honey”' the search engine now interprets these queries in the context of specific product categories. It returns relevant suggestions from the catalogue even though the search query is not of the exact product.

Before Zevi
After Zevi
Before Zevi
After Zevi

Enhanced Product Visibility:
Anveshan Farm can now showcase its best-selling products and provide recommendations directly in the search bar as users begin typing their queries.

Targeted Product Promotion: With improved search result rankings, the brand can effectively market and promote its high-revenue and best-seller products, aligning with its business goals.


The integration of Zevi's AI-NLP-powered site search had a significant impact on Anveshan Farm's online store:

Overall Conversion Surge:
Anveshan Farm achieved a 19% increase in overall conversion rates, showcasing the positive impact of Zevi on their business.

Search Utilization Soars:
The use of the search function on the website skyrocketed, with a remarkable 513% increase in search users compared to non-search users.

Enhanced User Engagement:
Anveshan Farm experienced a 4.6% increase in the time customers spent on their website, indicating improved user engagement and satisfaction


In conclusion, Anveshan Farm's journey with Zevi's search is a testament to the power of enhancing the customer experience through intelligent search solutions, ultimately driving growth and success.