Zevi Pricing
Pay only for what you use, cancel anytime
Per 1000 requests/mo +1000 records
Per 100 user messages
A list of  features of our search and Chatscout
  • Search and ranking
  • Security and support
  • Neural Search
  • API keys
  • Customisation of assistant’s personality
  • Multi-language Support
  • 2 factor authentication
  • Customisation of Chat Interface
  • Performance-based Ranking
  • Uptime SLA of 99.9%
  • Multi-language support
  • Merchandising Controls
  • Advanced alert and Monitoring
  • AI-powered nudge mechanism
  • 6 months of Analytics Retention
  • Beta access and Roadmap
  • Catalogue-based training
  • Search and revenue Analytics
  • Onboarding and UX setup
  • Automatic Reindexing
  • Search Filtering and Sorting
  • 24/7 support (call and mail)
  • Category/Collection Filtering and Sorting
  • Account manager
  • AI Spell-check and Synonyms
  • Automatic Reindexing
  • Query Suggestions
Search and ranking
Neural Search
Multi-language support
Performance-based ranking
Merchandising Controls
6 Months of Analytics Retention
Search and Revenue Analytics
Search Filtering and Sorting
Category/Collection Filtering and Sorting
AI Spell-check and Synonyms
Automatic reindexing
Query suggestions
Security and support
API keys
2 factor authentication
Uptime SLA of 99.9%
Advanced alert and monitoring
Beta access and roadmap
Onboarding and UX setup
24/7 support (call and mail)
Technical account manager
Customisation of assistant’s personality
Customisation of Chat Interface
Multi-language support
AI-powered nudge mechanism
Catalogue-based training
Automatic Reindexing
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Pricing FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions
Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?
Please contact our customer support.
What is Zevi’s Search pricing model?
Zevi has a usage-based pricing model which depends on the search queries processed and a number of records
How do you count search requests in your pricing model?
Any search requests that are triggered when a search is performed to indexed content via Zevi's search API – are counted towards the search request count.
Is there a free plan?
Yes, you can try Zevi for free for 14 days. We’ll provide you with a personalized onboarding call to get you up and running.
How do I integrate Zevi with my business?
You can integrate us by installing our Shopify App, or you can integrate via our APIs here. 
How long does it take to integrate Zevi?
Zevi can be implemented in production on the same day. You can index your store catalogs first and complete a few basic setups in less than five minutes.
How does billing work?
Our pricing is based on the number of search requests and products indexed per month for example if you have 5000 active products our plan offers a search request limit of 5000 which means the base charge would be 0.75 * [5000/1000] = $3.75 per month. For every 1,000 search requests beyond the 5000 limit, there will be an additional charge of $0.75
What is the lock-in duration once I start paying
You can integrate us by installing our Shopify App, or you can integrate via our APIs here. 
How do I reach out for support?
If you are having any trouble setting up Zevi's search or need any help with implementation, you can send us a message from a website and dashboard help option or you can contact our support team at customer.support@zevi.ai
What is indexing and how often do my products get indexed?
Indexing is the process of ensuring all your product details are up to date. The products get indexed when you add the app to your store. Thereafter they get indexed every 8 hours. If required, it can also be done manually.
Can I use Zevi with platforms other than Shopify?
Yes, Zevi can be integrated with platforms other than Shopify. You can use our APIs to integrate it with your custom-built e-commerce platform or other popular platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce.
Does Zevi offer any enterprise or custom pricing plans?
Yes, if you have specific needs or a larger-scale implementation, you can reach out to us at sales@zevi.ai to discuss a tailored pricing solution.
How does Chatscout work?
Chatscout is a shopping assistant that uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to communicate with users in a conversational way, much like a human. It can understand and interpret text-based inputs from users and respond with helpful product recommendations.
Is it free?
The cost of implementing an AI assistant can vary depending on the complexity of the assistant, and the level of customization needed. We currently have $1 per 100 user messages. You can explore the pricing page to know more.
Can I customize the chat assistant look?
Yes! we provide some basic styling customization and we will add more settings in a near future
How is the assistant pricing calculated?
 Cost is calculated based on the number of user messages requested
How soon can I publish the assistant on my website?
Shopping assistant setup takes a few minutes and It depends on the amount of customization you plan to put into your chat assistant.
How can I get support?
We provide dedicated support that will help you with any issue regarding the integration of the chat assistant, you can also contact our team at customer.support@zevi.ai for your queries.
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